Discovering Montefioralle

Dear friends, at this time when personal distances can not be filled, we,  the vintners of Montefioralle,  have thought of bringing to your home a little clod of earth, a gust of wind,  a ray of sun from our land.

Our association, which was founded five years ago and represents the Chianti Classico producers from the left bank of the valley of Greve, has decided to offer you a tasting experience focusing on 12 bottles of Chianti Classico Annata from 12 different organic producers to allow you to travel with your thoughts and your memories in one of the most magical areas of Tuscany.

This unique experience is offered to you for 144 euro and the vintners of Montefioralle will take care of the shipping fees. Let us toast together then,  even though we are far from one another,  but hoping to meet again very soon!!

Buy this experience focusing on 12 bottles

  • Chianti Classico Terreno 2017
  • Chianti Classico Altiero 2017
  • Chianti Classico Le Palaie 2017
  • Chianti Classico Castello di Verrazzano 2017
  • Chianti Classico Montefioralle 2017
  • Chianti Classico San Cresci 2016
  • Chianti Classico Terre di Melazzano 2017
  • Chianti Classico Maurizio Brogioni 2018
  • Chianti Classico Tenuta di Monte-ficali 2015
  • Chianti Classico Podere Bucine 2016
  • Chianti Classico Villa Calcinaia 2016
  • Chianti Classico Podere Campriano 2016


You'll be able to buy the wines of Montefioralle, directly from the wineries